The 'Briefing Area' is an interactive headquarters, where players in
Ground Branch can access gamemodes, customisable equipment,
and launch operations. It has Command and Control (C²) hardware
throughout and is at the hub of every server within Ground Branch.

Notable Features include:

  • Real-time Whiteboards (for Players, Server Information, etc)
  • Two Deployment Rooms (Team Red, Team Blue)
    • Lockers, and Armory
    • In-door Shooting Range
    • Briefing Room
  • In-game Proximity Chat for Group Discussion


The Briefing Room appears before any main gamemode, and serves as an interactive, playable environment for
Operators to prepare gamemodes. It can shift between a single locker room, in Player vs. Enemy (PVE) modes,
and two locker rooms in Player vs. Player (PVP). Below are a series of gamemodes accessed within these areas:

  • Player vs. Enemy
    • Terrorist Hunt
  • Player vs. Player
    • Deathmatch
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Team Elimination
    • Hostage Rescue


  • There are various flags relating to the game's creator 'Blackfoot Studios' and to the game itself.
  • There is a non-functional coffee machine inside both of the team's briefing rooms in the level.
  • The monitors display 'Clandestine Ops' as part of the Central Intelligence Agency, a reference to the games clandestine focus on a SOG-CIA team (as part of the game's intended unit).


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