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the storyline as it relates to TOC; this is by no means canon to the game and therefore is considered highly unofficial.

Additional IntelEdit

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, organisations, places, events, locales, and incidents are
used as fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or organisations, living or dead, or actual events is coincidental.

Joint Tactical Operations Center, U.S.Edit

JTOCUS for short, was established in 2012 under the USJSF Act, which reforms the United States Department of Defense to support a shared, interagency/interbranch command. At the strategic level, USJSF acts as the military counterpart to the Federal Crisis Response Agency, or FCRA (part of the United States Dept. of Homeland Security).
As such, the USJSF is the military analog of FCRA, and provides a unified command infrastructure for all branches.

The Joint Tactical Operations Center; it provides C²ISTAR (Command & Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance) to any personnel assigned under it. The primary command post is the Joint Tactical Operations Center, U.S., a shared command initiative under the United States Joint Strategic Forces programme (USJSF). Supported by military and intelligence infrastructure, JTOCUS is a centrally operated deployment center
for a number of conventional and unconventional warfare units, where interoperability & information sharing is key.

United States Joint Strategic Forces (USJSF)Edit

The United States Joint Strategic Forces (USJSF) Act was passed in 2010, in response to growing concerns that
the Department of Defense lacked sufficient interoperability within its own armed forces. Analogous to the recent
formation of the Federal Crisis Response Agency (FCRA/DHS), the USJSF Act restructures formerly DOD Unified
Combatant Commands into a singular collaborative command, called USJSFCOM at the Strategic Level, JTOCUS
operates within the USJSF at the tactical level; and provides tactical level operations support to military command.

USJSF Revised StructureEdit

  • U.S. Department of Defense
    • Joint Strategic Forces (USJSF)
      • Department of the Army
      • Department of the Navy
        • Headquarters Marine Corps
      • Department of the Air Force
    • Joint Defense Agencies (USJDA)
      • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
      • Defense Commissary Agency
      • Defense Contract Audit Agency
      • Defense Contract Management Agency
      • Defense Finance and Accounting Service
      • Defense Health Agency
      • Defense Information Systems Agency
      • Defense Intelligence Agency
      • Defense Legal Services Agency
      • Defense Logistics Agency
      • Defense Security Cooperation Agency
      • Defense Security Service
      • Defense Threat Reduction Agency
      • Missile Defense Agency
      • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
      • National Reconnaissance Office
      • National Security Agency
      • Pentagon Force Protection Agency
    • USJSFCOM (formerly Unified Combatant Command)
      • Strategic Commands
        • USAFRICOM
        • USCENTCOM
        • USEUCOM
        • USNORTHCOM
        • USSOUTHCOM
      • Operational Commands
        • USCYBERCOM
        • USSOCOM
        • USSTRATCOM
        • USTRANSCOM
      • Tactical Commands
        • JTOCOM
          • Joint Tactical Operations Center, U.S.
          • Joint Tactical Training Center, U.S.
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